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 Simplicities: Tessa Perutz

 Simplicities: Tessa Perutz
Tessa Perutz's "Staring into the Sun (Reykjavik)”, “Mt. Esja from Reykjavik Harbor”, and "View from Studio Window (Reykjavik)”
(Courtesy of the Artist )

Tessa Perutz is thinking hard about windows. “How can you reduce a painting to the most necessary forms,” she ponders, “and therefore open 
it up to the most possible associations?” The specific window she’s referring to is one that she recalls from the Chicago home she shared, as a teenager, with her large family; gazing through its panes provided her “earliest memories of meditation and consideration 
of self,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that she’s chosen 
to revisit the window’s 
simple form for a new series 
of simple, colorful paintings, opening this month at the Brooklyn apartment-gallery In Limbo. (She’s sharing 
the space with painter Jordan Kasey.) When she’s not working through the formal properties of windows, Perutz finds herself fascinated by the rich geometric potential of punctuation — ampersands, hashtags — as well as repeating interlocking shapes. Chains are a favorite, and the subject 
of a pair of canvases included 
in a Joshua Abelow-curated group show on view at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York, also this month. Further on the horizon, a solo outing at Pablo’s Birthday in November will showcase a series of vibrant landscapes — think Etel Adnan with the saturation levels cranked up even higher — based
 on drawings made in Iceland. “In a way, I’m a populist,” Perutz says. “I want to make work that’s easy for anyone 
to read or relate to, and then use that formal simplicity 
to create infinite references — which curiously makes 
the work very complex.”